I invite you to weekly group classes as well as relaxation sessions, events and workshops in Poznan and online.

What do i offer?

Integral yoga – what is it?

During Integral Yoga classes, you will experience balanced sequences focused on specific goals. You will learn tools both from the yoga system and beyond its tradition. Contrary to appearances, the goodness of classical hatha yoga and the achievements of modern sciences perfectly complement each other.

This combination of methods allows to take care of your well-being at various levels in more effective and safer way. It is a method that address various needs and difficulties. Also those related to excessive tension and stress, back pain and headaches, decreased immunity, poor sleep quality or racing thoughts and restlessness. 

You can experience various tools and find out what serves you best.

Sessions combine:

Yogic postures

Called asanas (in sanskrit), otherwised called shapes

Mindful breathing

Breath practices


Body-based relaxation, bodyfulness practices

Regulatory tools

Tools supporting nervous system regulation (based on the Polyvagal Theory)

Medical Training

Medical training movement and tools for safe self-application


The nitty-gritty of my offer

I invite you to join my classes and workshops

Weekly group classes:

  • Integral yoga of varying intensity (75 minutes)
  • Gentle yoga for Highly Sensitive, overwhelmed and tired ones (60 minutes)
  • Vinyasa flow for fascia –  BASIC and MEDIUM intensity (75 minutes)

Individual & classes for organized groups

  • Classes 60 minutes
  • Classes 75 minutes

  • Also ONLINE via ZOOM => book your spot now!

Workshops and a special series of classes that develop a deep understanding of specific issues and provide new tools.

And also…

  • Soothing Relaxation Sessions – somatic approach (45, 60 minutes).

  • Friendly meetings and talks over a nice cup of tea. 🙂

  • Yoga & somatic relaxation retreats. 

  • For more details, please check the schedule or contact me directly.

Price list

Price list

Single pass (75 minutes/60 minutes)50/45 zł
4 classes pass* (75 minutes/60 minutes)150/140 zł
8 classes pass* 240 zł
Individual session 1 on 1150 zł
10 individual classes pass*1400 zł
Private groups (depending on the number of participants)160-250 zł
Online – single pass30 zł
Online – 4 classes pass*85zł
Online – 10 classes pass**200 zł
* You can use your pass in 30 days. If you cannot join a chosen class, there is a possibility to join a different one.
** This pass is valid for 60 days.


Sign up for classes or workshops and fell better!

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