In harmony with oneself

In harmony with oneself – what does it mean?

Needs change – they depend on many factors. They can vary accordingly to the moment in life that you are in, time of the year, month, day or even spontaneously change in a given moment. Listening to them is what we want to practice.

In my classes, I focus on your autonomy and I encourage your decision-making. I provide the framework – tools that I choose based on my knowledge and experience, my presence and attention. However, the final decision about what you want to do and to what extent, is always up to you. You may also not know what you need at the moment. This is also perfectly fine. Thanks to the questions that appear from time to time in class, you will have the opportunity to understand your needs, your “yes” and “no” better with time, and to recognize your “I don’t know”.

Gentle yoga is a perfect space for exploration. Integrative yoga classes offer more challenges and sympathetic action.


Yogic tradition & modern science

My priorities are your health, safety and well-being, which is why I weave elements of medical training and Polyvagal Theory into my classes. 

“Simplicity and effectiveness” is my motto. To help soothe your nervous system, I use regulatory techniques that employ the vagus nerve and other cranial nerves. In order to loosen tensed tissues and prepare them for strengthening we myofascial realease techniques as a self-therapy.

During the classes you will experience yourself in motion and stillness, smooth flow and calming statics. You will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with your responses to asanas, breathing and regulatory practices. All this in an atmosphere of acceptance, agency and in accordance with your needs.  

The Polyvagal Theory

Nervous System – EmotionAid® & The Polyvagal Theory

The Polyvagal Theory provides an updated map of the autonomic nervous system, defining how this system shapes safety experiences and influences the ability to make connections with others. It was presented by the neurobiologist Dr. Stephen W. Porges in 1995. The vagus nerve plays a key role in it. This knowledge is a kind of software that can be successfully incorporated in various disciplines, e.g. cranio-sacral therapy and yoga. Polyvagal Theory for yoga was adapted by a psychologist, psychotherapist and yoga teacher Dr. Arielle Schwartz.

The tools available in the Theory work on the nervous system and the brain in a subtle but meaningful way. When regularly repeated, this can help you built your inner resources, reinforce your nervous system’s flexibility and its resiliency. This can increase levels of your vitality, lessen some somatic symptoms, bring stronger sense of inner balance and strengthen the ability to cope with stress without depleeing your resources.


Befriending the body instead of working with it

Are you tired of insensitive approach to yourself during movement classes and need a little bit of ease from challenging yourself daily at work, at home etc.?

At the same time, you want and need to feel better, move, relax? This is where “friendship with the body” comes in handy. I created this concept a bit in spite of “working with the body”, although these are all only word etiquettes. I want to suggest an approach which allows us to take some of the weight off our, methaporically and realistically, overloaded shoulders.

Gradually, at your pace, we will build up the “somatic intelligence” by which I mean presence in the body. One that will allow for better recognition and understanding of the bodily signals and sensations (felt sense).

In the meantime, almost as a side effect, various functions in the body will improve. By going beyond the habitual patterns of movement, you will improve blood and other body fluids circulation, flexibility and endurance, which will translate into psychophysical well-being improvement. Perhaps you will feel yourself in a different way’ a way that was previously unknown to you. We are different and it is beautiful, the benefits for each person may be different, also beyond those mentioned above. Are you curious what you will learn from the practice and how will you feel?


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