I invite you on a journey
of befriending your body.


What I offer?

I invite you to integral yoga sessions, Emotion Aid® sessions, body work, massage and massage courses. I run group classes (also for couples, groups of 3-6 people, families, friends) and individual sessions, workshops and events. I work in studios in Poznań, Poland and online. I create personalized events for organizations and companies – Office Yoga, Resilient Team Building (as part of Emotion Aid®). I work in Polish, English and Spanish.


Integrative Yoga

The aim of this class is to create a multi-layered well-being. It combines dynamic vinysa flows and static asanas, breathing techniques, medical training movement, core stability and embodied relaxation. All to bring you mobility, flexibility and strength. Tranquility and vitality. Something for your body, mind and soul.

Emotion Aid® – healing stress, anxiety, overwhelm and burnout

It is a unique tool for emotional first aid. Its effectiveness has been proven by scientific research. The method was developed at the International Trauma Healing Institute Israel (ITI Israel) and is used to manage stress of varying severity – everyday, acute and also chronic stress. I will guide you through the 5 steps of the method, taking into account your individual situation, so that you experience discharge, stabilization, and natural calmness, access to resources and creativity as a result. What is important – you don’t have to tell in detail about your situation (but you can) for the method to work. Book your 1-on-1 Emotion Aid®session (also avaliable online) or get your spot at a workshop. I run Resilient Team Building for organizations, which is based on Emotion Aid® method.

Massage & Bodywork

Allow yourself to be immersed in pure bliss and deep relaxation – I provide classical, Thai Oil and relaxing massage (mix of techniques). You can book a whole body massage (60-90 minutes) or back-neck-head session (45-60 minutes). Bodywork session is where I adjust the tools to your needs. If you are a tensed, anxious person, you struggle to calm down/relax or even sleep, you have experienced something difficult – I invite you to a session of cranio-sacral touch which is performed through clothing. It reduces tension of the nervous system in a safe and delicate way. If you don’t have the strength for yoga, you feel exhausted – it’s a great way to regenerate, return to self and bring back the harmony.

Gentle Yoga for Everyone

Soft, embodied movement based on yoga postures. The aim of this class is to support release of psychophysical tension and the build-up, excessive stress. It also helps to stay in shape and erase the tensions that stems from sitting many hours a day. People of all ages and at any level of knowledge of yoga shapes will benefit from this class.

Workshops & events

During the workshop you will explore various aspects of yoga, fascia nad the nervous system. You will learn useful ways to relieve stres and tension in the nervous system, as well as easy-to-use and effective techniques of myofascial release. You will learn more about asanas, safe technique and variations of postures and their impact on the body. Check out the schedule to stay up to date!

For organizations

Are you looking for a valuable event that will support the well-being of your team? Or maybe an interesting team-building activities for your organization? I will create an event tailored to your needs, you can also choose one of the avaliable workshops: – Resilent Team Building, – Nature & Yoga – stress reduction and healthy movement for the spine (spring-summer offer), – Office Yoga, – Vagus nerve and self-massage for better health, mental clarity and well-being.


My Mission

Below you will find words that reflect my mission. I also found them in reviews written by participants of my classes what is really rewarding.


I honor you and your needs.


You can feel welcome and be fully yourself.


Caring attention and individual approach.


Opportunities to experience comfort and challenges, joy and stillness.


I provide framework, tools and share my experience but you are the real expert when it comes to your body.


If you want to share anything or ask a question – I am here to listen.

About me

A few words about me

I started my path in 2005 with the B.K.S. Iyengar yoga method. In 2010, I became a qualified Sports and Recreation Instructor with a specialization in Psychophysical Exercises – Yoga.

As part of my further teacher certification at the RYT200 level (Yoga Alliance), I developed the knowledge and understanding of vinyasa yoga and yin yoga. My priorities are health and safety of the participants; therefore I also completed a Medical Personal Trainer course (Body Work, Poznan). As a facilitator of the EmotionAid® method (International Trauma Healing Institute of Israel, co-hosted by thePolish Society for Somatic Experiencing), I help clients who experience high levels of stress. Stress-relief mechanisms of the method are different than the ones present in yoga and mindfulness. Therefore this method complements yoga and bodywork, supporting even in acute stress.


  • A place for everyone – no matter if you have already practiced yoga or how fit you are. Agata has a lot of warmth, empathy and acceptance. She introduces elements from various types of yoga, well-being methods, mindfulness and breathing. Using curiosity as a guide, leading us to discovering our limits always with respect to space and capacity of each of us 🙂 Thanks to these classes, I started to feel empathy and care for my body. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  • Classes with Agata. Great joy, pleasure. During classes, we focus on the breath and the body. Always with respect and love for oneself. For several years now, I have had the pleasure of practicing yoga with Agata, who is attentive to participants and always tries to bring something new and interesting to the classes. I recommend classes with Agata with all my heart.

  • Agata, mild-tempered and smiling, can put you in a state of relaxation from the very moment you enter yoga studio. 😊 She creates an atmosphere that allows everyone to fell at ease and comfortable. Starting from calming background music, and ending with her empathetic approach and respect for the boundaries of each person, both physical and mental. I know one thing, I come tense, full of anxiety with a shallow breath, and I come out calm, happy and pleasantly tired. A real feast for the body and spirit that builds awareness of “here and now”.



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